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The Notary Law Institute is America's leading live notary training and notary service provider.


Notary training establishes sound practices and helps avoid liability for both notaries and employers.  Our notary classes are simply the best in the industry!  We also help notaries obtain their notary commission through a simplified, step-by-step process.  Try us today!

Founded in 1991 by Peter Van Alstyne, one of America's leading notary authorities, the Notary Law Institute was established to help notaries know their laws and duties.  We pride ourselves in teaching only what the law says, and by using strictly adherent methods, practices, and notary supplies.  The Notary Law Institute specializes in teaching nationwide live notary seminars as well as in-house and live webinars.

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There is more to it than just signing and stamping!

The signer must always personally appear, be positively identified, and be signing willingly and freely.  Equally important, the notary must be impartial and always use a notary journal!

A notary public is personally liable for any misconduct, intentional or not. They need to know and follow their state laws to protect themselves, the signers, and their employer. Employers need to train their notaries to help prevent liability.  

Stay current on your state laws and notary practices by getting trained. Let us help you get through the commission process quicker and cheaper with our step-by-step notary kits.

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