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Phone Conference



Corporate notary training just got a ka-jillion times easier!


Live notary training from the comfort of your conference room.  A live instructor will train you and your notaries using Cisco's ridiculously simple WebEx platform.  All you need is a few notaries, an internet connection and a phone.  Dr. Pepper and donuts recommended, but not required.


These two-hour notary trainings are completely customizable, and cover everything in our nationally-renowned live seminars.  This is the best on-demand notary course taught in America today and is 100% compliant for your state.  It even comes with a free membership for all attendees!  Bragging rights, baby.  



For pricing for your group of 5+ notaries simply Click Here and fill out the required information. 

Or for more information, please call us @ 1-800-722-8708 and ask for Richie or Dru.