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What Every Notary Must Know


Notaries public play a very important role in business and law.
Notarizations are performed to protect against document fraud by ensuring that signatures to documents are genuine.  The stakes can be very high and there are no limitations to damages that notaries and in many cases their employers may be liable for.

Imagine if signatures to the title deed to your home were not required to be notarized. A crook could write up a phony title deed to your home, forge your signature to it and have the deed recorded. The next thing you know, the crook has documents showing he owns your house!

Notaries are important because they provide security to business transactions. But, unless the notary understands the laws and does the job correctly, serious legal problems can result (for the notary)!

Every notary in America has a legal duty to know 4 important principles:


     - Know your state's notary laws.

     - Know the difference between notary laws and notary folklore (the former are binding upon you, the latter will only get you into trouble).

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     - Know the standards of reasonable care for every notarial act

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     - Know every word of the written notarization is true before notarizing

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Learning more about these principles requires true, correct and understandable information. At the Notary Law Institute we believe that anything less is fraud.

It is one thing to teach, for example "that a notary is liable if the document signer is not properly identified." It is superior to teach why and how a notary can be held liable for such a thing, and to teach fail-safe ways to prevent it!  Attend one of our nationally acclaimed seminars and see for yourself!  That's how we do it at the Notary Law Institute.

That is what the Notary Law Institute is all about!  We teach clear and correct principles no notary can be without.