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With over 25 years of experience, Notary Law is the nations leader and authority in notary training and certification. Teaching state specific requirements and standard notary practices, Notary Law offers comprehensive live, in-house, webinar, and online training programs. Get trained and notarize with confidence!



Live Seminars

Our flagship of notary training! Talking about everything notaries need to know. Come see why thousands of notaries have asked that this course be required!
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Live In-House

Notary Law will come to you! Offering customized corporate notary trainings to make sure your notaries notarize with confidence. Covering everything our live classes offer, plus any pain points or questions your company wants covered.
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Live Monthly Webinars

NEW! Notary Law now offers exclusive live notary webinars! Refresh your knowledge and go into detailed topics from the convenience of your computer. Jokes and stories included.

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Self Study

Learn at your own pace from the convenience of your computer! Covering the same material as our live classes, these detailed trainings help you feel comfortable in your laws, duties, liabilities, and procedures. Now available in both hard copy and interactive online formats!

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