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Self Study : Colorado

The new self-study is now easier than ever!  Just go online (or insert the cd if ordering the hard-copy), and the self-study nearly runs itself!  Full forward and backward navigation allow you to go through it as many times as you want from any computer.  Created from the same nationally acclaimed content as our live classes.  All the same information, minus the (semi) tasteless humor!

The Notary Law Institute self-study course places a world of important information at your fingertips, in clear, easy-to-follow methods.  You will learn:

     - Your own state laws and rules
     - Your duty as a notary in todays business world
     - Sure-fire methods for proving signer identities
     - A "secret weapon" that protects you years after notarizing
     - Tips for staying out of hot water, & much more

 Comes with a FREE 1 year membership!