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Notary Academy--RECORDED

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Includes RECORDINGS of Notary 1010 The Basics; Notary 1020 Warmed Up, Lets Play; and Notary 1050 Ready to Go Pro, Coach! 


Taught by Richard Burton--each recording is about 45 minutes long. 


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Notary Academy--RECORDED

Notary Academy--RECORDED

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Notary 1010 talks about where our power as notaries comes from, what can we do/not do, and the biggest pitfalls a Notary may face. 

Notary 1020 talks about types of notarizations, identifications, journals, liabilities, and more! It is a more in-depth look at principles found in Notary 1010. 

Notary 1050 includes specific types of documents, signers in representative capacities, trouble areas to avoid, and more! 



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