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Finally, the reference book no notary should be without! Van Alstyne's Notary Public Encyclopedia is America's first and only comprehensive encyclopedia of notary procedures, rules, and laws. There has never before been a reference source that covers every aspect and detail of notarizations like this.


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Notary Public Encyclopedia

Notary Public Encyclopedia

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Are you looking for an authoritative answer that no one seems to know about being a notary? Van Alstyne's Notary Public Encyclopedia is the reference manual notaries, lawyers, and Secretaries of State use! Every office should provide its notaries with a reference manual. This is the notary manual every notary should have.


The Encyclopedia provides answers to any notarial question you have had, currently have, or may have.  Ever wondered what the little 'ss' means, or why an employer can be held jointly liable, or what the devil an ‘apostille’ is?  Now everything notary is available at your fingertips. This also makes wonderful material for a Friday night date. Try it and see!


Failure to know the law and failure to have references is an admission of negligence. 


        - Laid out in easy to find A-Z encyclopedia style!

        - Saves hours of your valuable time!

        - The authoritative answer to all your questions!

        - Know the "Hows" as well as the "Whys"


Completely Indexed in 2010!

(458 pages)


Also available on interactive CD - Click here!    


Author Peter Van Alstyne is a prolific writer and expert on notary laws. He has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the area of notaries public over the last 50 years. He has published numerous articles and papers, and has taught hundred of thousands of America's notaries.