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Notary Law, Procedures & Ethics

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Updated in 2013! "Notary Law, Procedures, & Ethics", the newly revised companion to "Van Alstynes Encyclopedia", unfolds the basic purpose and legal implications of major notarial procedures. This powerful, fact-filled reference work is filled with shocking, true stories of naughty notaries! Oh yeah, it has plenty of boring legal stuff too.


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Notary Law, Procedures  & Ethics

Notary Law, Procedures  & Ethics

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"Notary Law, Procedures and Ethics" belongs in every office where notarizations are performed! In this text we explain, define, and clarify every aspect of notary law, procedures and traditions. It unfolds the basic purposes and legal implications of every notarial procedure.


As the companion volume to "Van Alstynes Notary Public Encyclopedia", this practical volume gives specific examples of case law and real life examples. Also included is the newest updates to RULONA (Revised Uniform Laws on Notary Acts - 2013). Want some shocking stories to tell about naughty notaries that got caught? Here you go! This gives you valuable knowledge on:


- Case Law and precedence

- Notary procedures and traditions

- Gives clear examples of judicial rulings


Updated 2013

(167 pages)