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Notary Public Services Policy Kit

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This simple step-by-step kit enables you and your company to design and adopt a crucially important document for your workplace: a notary public services policy.


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Notary Public Services Policy Kit

Notary Public Services Policy Kit

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The Notary Public Services Policy kit fits every organization -- large or small -- because you can easily customize it to your needs. It's quick and simple. Improve your standing with your employer. They will thank you for your leadership on something so important.


Employers are required by law to fully inform their employees of their responsibilities and standards of performance. When it comes to notarizing on the job, you probably don't have a notary policy and procedures document to protect you and your employer. It is one document you can't do without.



*      Gives your office a standard

*      Be 100% compliant with Law

*      Defines your duties & legal obligations