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Instant Mini-reference

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Laminated Notary Mini-reference fits in your pocket or day planner - right where you need it. We packed this at-a-glance guide with essentials every notary should have within reach at all times.


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Instant Mini-reference

Instant Mini-reference

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The “how-to” every notary should have.  These are the facts you certify with every notarization. Failure to do so brings upon you the wrath of Zeus.  Or at least your state officers.  Use this to double check yourself with every notarization and keep your nose clean! Laminated to last you forever*.


*      Four Easy Steps to Notarizing Correctly

*      The Legal Facts You Certify In Your Notarial Certificates

*      Administering Oath/Affirmation

*      Mini reference approximately 3” x 6”

PLUS a concise model of the three most common notarizations: acknowledgments, jurats, and copy certifications.


*speaking figuratively, not literally.