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Affidavit of a True Copy by Ink Stamp

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Attachable notarial certificates are recommended and simple. If you are a mobile notary, or just need some instant certificates your whole office can share, just ink and stamp!


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Affidavit of a True Copy by Ink Stamp

Affidavit of a True Copy by Ink Stamp

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Guard against errors and take control over what you sign and seal - it's easy with our ready to use Affidavit of a True Copy ink stamp. Just stamp on any document and complete. (Can be affixed to the back side of any document or attachment.) Laser-cut die leaves exceptionally clear impression.  The notary is liable for every word of the certificate language use your own!


*      Easy to use!

*      Just ink and stamp

*      Prove your professionalism.


Stamp size is approximately 2" x 3".


The Affidavit of a True Copy allows a document holder to personally appear before the notary to make an affidavit that the true and complete copy of the document was genuinely made (photocopied) by themselves.  This differs from the Copy Certification in that the document holder (not the notary) makes the photocopy, is not limited to recordable records, and the document holder takes upon themselves the penalty of perjury for any unauthorized changes.