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Round Self-inking Rubber Stamp

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The notary seal (commonly called a notary stamp) is an emblem of the notary's legal authority. It is created for a notary under authority of law. Ink stamp seals are quickly replacing embossers* since they are easily photographically reproducible.


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Round Self-inking Rubber Stamp

Round Self-inking Rubber Stamp

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Historically, the notary seal has been an ornate impression in wax that is attached to the document directly or by ribbon. In contemporary times, the notary seal has become an impression crimped or embossed on the paper bearing the notarial certificate. More recently, a number of states have authorized their notaries to affix a notary seal by ink-stamp impression. In all forms, the notary seal is an emblem of the notary’s legal authority. It is created for a notary under authority of law.  The majority of states require the notarial certificate to include a notary seal.


*      Inks itself – No more messy ink!

*      Professional appearance AND built to last

*      Self-locking for optional use with ink pad


Ink impression appx 1.75” Diameter


*Check your state statutes to see which is preferred or allowed by law. Round seals are required for CT, HI, MS, OH, SC, TN.