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Certificates Simplified - May 10, 2018

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Certificates Simplified - Notarial certificates are often misunderstood by signers and notaries alike. You will learn about what a certificate is, and its importance.  Walk away feeling more comfortable about when to use the provided wording or your own.  Come learn tips and tricks to using a compliant and complete notarial certificate. (1 hour) 

Wednesday, May 10:  11am - 12pm MST.


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Certificates Simplified - May 10, 2018

Certificates Simplified - May 10, 2018

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Certificates Simplified - taught by Richard Burton, Notary Law Institute

Most notaries in America are asked to become a notary for their employment.  Yet most notaries receive little, if any, training on how to perform their duties adequately.  We are here to set the record straight, and how to help you notarize with confidence!  In this session, we will discuss the following, and much more:

    - What is a notarial certificate anyway?

    - Why are they so important?

    - Who is liable for the certificate language?

    - Tips and tricks to using correct certificate language!

Instructions and materials will be emailed to you within one week prior to the webinar.  If you do not receive the invite or instructions, please email us at, or call us at 800-722-8708.