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Washington Bond

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The bond amount for Washington is $10,000. The state of Washington requires notaries to post a notary bond as a condition precedent to being appointed as a notary.


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Washington Bond

Washington Bond

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A notarial bond is a contract between the notary and the surety company.  The surety agrees to pay damages to victims of any notarial misconduct, and the notary agrees to repay the bonding surety.  Since most courts award damages far above the face value of the bond, claims are rarely filed upon notary bonds.


*      A bond is a contract between the notary and the bond surety.

*      The bond protects the public from notary negligence.

*      The notary is bound to reimburse the surety for claims against the bond.


Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is a separate animal altogether.  No state requires E&O insurance, and is generally not recommended, although in some situations it may be a good idea. It is available for purchase, and depends on your state for insurance amounts.  Call us for a quote.